Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Party Photos

"Look, guys! Got photos from the party last night."
"Dude, lemme see!"
"Here you go."
"Wait, is that Mark? Bwahahaha!!!"
"Hell yeah, that's him!"
"Man, what a party animal."
"Looks like Mark doesn't believe it himself."
"No comments, Mark?"
"Didn't know he had the nerve to do that."
"So that's what happens when you get mister antisocial drunk enough."
"Oh, look at this one. I think he kissed Nichole!"
"Nichole, I didn't realize you had a thing for him."
"He did the first move! I swear!"
"Did his dance moves get to you or something?"
"Oh my gosh! Tell me you got pics of that!"
"Right over here!"
"No way!"
"Highlight of the night! How did he pull those off?"
"Nobody's forgetting that party!"
"Never expected the introvert to have such hidden talent."
"Hey, Mark. You've been quiet. What's wrong?"
"You're looking pale, man."
"Were your drunk photos too embarrassing?"
"If it makes you upset, we ain't sharing this. Really!"
"It's our own little secret now."

"No, it's not that guys. You see, I didn't attend the party last night. I was busy working overtime."

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