Sunday, February 9, 2014

Angel Statue

Strange things have been my happening at home ever since my mother bought a small angel statue.

It looked like an innocent happy little child with a mischievous face. I could not help but notice the receipt saying that it was from some kind of antique store for the occult.

Odd. Why would mother want that?

It started with the disappearances of some of our belongings. Some turned up outside apparently thrown away or may even be found in the trash can.

I returned from school one day to find a note from my parents on the door. It says that they went out.

I got in and found the house in a mess. Chairs were scattered, some broken pieces of vases and glass were on the floor, etc. I thought that someone broke in. But, as I explore the ruined home, I saw the angel statue perfectly intact but misplaced.

It was on the floor facing the entrance. Facing me.

My dad reported the incident to the police. Mom, however, acted strange.  When I tried to talk about the unharmed statue, she plays defensively as if she was hiding something.

More odd occurrences followed.

I was trying to sleep one night when I heard loud pounding at my door. I jolted from rest when the door finally broke open. I saw a small entity stare at me. It was dark, but I could see it smile at me mockingly. It ran off.

I turned on the lights and woke my parents up. We looked around the house for intruders.

I saw the small creature run into the dining room.

"There it is!" I said.

We chased it to that direction and flipped the light switch on. There it was. The angel statue was on the table.

"Wasn't that in the corridor?" I spoke.

My paranoia grew as the days pass by. I just knew that the angel statue had something to do with all of it. I kept a close eye on that thing.

One day, my father tripped and fell from the stairs. It was the angel's work no doubt. Mom had to accompany him to the doctor to check on his broken leg.

Now, I am alone at home with that mischievous being.

I kept a steel bar with me just in case. I stayed in my room to do homework when I heard noise from downstairs. It has begun.

I rushed down and saw another mess. Among the piles of broken property, I see the statue in the midst of it. Lacking any further patience, I smashed it into pieces.

Mom and dad arrived back home hours later and I explained what happened.

"What have you done!?" mother cried.

"But, mom" I reasoned. "It was that angel statue you brought here!"

"What are you talking about?" my dad asked.

"The statue. Mom bought it from an occult shop."

"You're wrong" mom said. "That angel was meant to protect us. It happened days before I bought it. At first, it was only my own belongings and then your father's."

"Huh?" I was confused. "But, it didn't stop all those other stuff from happening!"

"It was getting worse" mom explained. "Something was planning to attack us next."

"I don't believe it!" I yelled as I went back to my room.

I just knew the angel statue did all this. It must be!

As I enter my room, the lights flickered. I saw an old woman standing on the corner in a black robe. She gave me a creepy smile. I walked back trying to open the door. Locked.

"No angel to protect you now" she croaked.

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