Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I saw it fly by the window. Its shadow darkened my room. I hid in the covers.

I peaked through the hole in my blanket. That thing pressed its face on my window and growled. It lifted my window open. I could feel the cold air as it got inside.

It made a few grunts as it walked around my room. It took notice of my closet from across the foot of my bed. I shivered as I watched it go through my belongings in there.

Does it think that I'm still asleep?

My eyes were fixed at it. Suddenly, it stared my direction.

I closed my eyes hoping that it would go away. I fear that screaming will only provoke it to attack me. The floor creaked as it crept. I heard my closet close.

I opened my eyes and found that the creature was gone. This is my chance.

"Mom!" I screamed.

Mom rushed into my room and flipped the light switch on.

"What's wrong, dear?" she asked.

"There's something in the closet!" I told her.

Mom grabbed the lamp on my table and cautiously approached the closet. She opened it. I hid in my blanket but with the upper part of my face exposed.

"There's nothing" mom said. "Just your dresses and everything."

"But," I replied. "I saw a monster enter my room. He went through the window."

"That's impossible" she reassured me. "You're on the second floor. Besides, your window was closed."

Mom saw the terror in my face.

"Honey, it was just a bad dream. Now, go to sleep. If ever that monster appears again, just call me. Okay?"

The lights were switched off as mom left the room and I went back to sleep.

However, I woke up to the ruckus coming from my closet. It was shaking violently.

"Mom!" I called. "Mom!!!"

There was no response. The closet was still shaking. I got out of bed and tried what mom did. I switched on the lights and held on to a lamp waiting to strike that monster.

I hesitantly approached my closet telling myself to be brave.

I opened it and immediately threw the lamp at what I saw.

But, I was mistaken. It was mom.

She glared at me. "It's under your bed!"

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