Monday, November 11, 2013


I tried to ignore the tapping on my window and get back to sleep. I assumed that it was just a tree branch blown by the wind. The tapping grew a bit louder.

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the window from my bed. The cold weather has fogged up the glass and I couldn’t see very well. All I could make out was some shadow striking the window.

I put my glasses on and gasped at what I saw. I saw the silhouette of a person outside. Whoever it was suddenly stopped knocking.

I stared at the figure as it wrote something with its finger on the glass: HELP. The silhouette however moved away as I got off and approached the window. I unlocked it and checked outside. There’s no one there.

My hand felt something on the frame. Blood. There was also fresh blood in the spot where the person was. I was about to pick up my phone and dial emergency when I heard someone knock on the door.

“Help… me…”

I rushed out of my room to get to the door. Before opening it, I looked through the peephole first. I saw a bloodshot eye staring right back at me. I jumped back away from the door.

“Let… me… in… “ a harsh female voice said from outside.
I didn’t move. I felt hesitant. Should I really let this stranger in? She was bleeding heavily out in the cold and needs help.

"For God's sake... open the door!"  she shouted.

"Who are you!?" I yelled back.

Whoever was outside struck the door multiple times. I can't let a dangerous person inside the house. She might be mentally ill or even possess a weapon.

"They'll be here soon... hurry up!" I heard her say. “They’ll eat you alive too!”

I stared at the door. This can’t be happening. Is there really something out there in this cold night after her? Do I risk myself by helping her?

“Aaagghhh!!! Help!!! Help!!” she started hitting the door more violently.

I heard growls in the background. Whatever they are, there must be a lot of them. There was one huge slam on the door. The woman screamed further. I could hear them tearing her apart. It was too late for her.

I was breathing heavily. The sound of them running off eased me a bit. The growls faded away. I decided to take another look at the peephole. There, I saw her brutal remains. She moved a bit. She was still alive.

I didn't know what to do. Should I open the door?

Suddenly, she sprang right back up and lunged at the door. She gave me an eerie smile and started laughing.

I’m not going anywhere near that door. I slowly backed away with my eyes fixed at it. I bumped into something behind me and felt its breath on my back.

"You left your window open, four eyes..." I heard her say.

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