Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wake Up

"Wake up!" I told myself over the dead body before me. "This can't be happening!"

This is bad. This is very bad.

Moments ago, I was in a heated argument with my friend. And the next thing I knew, anger blinded me into killing him. I panicked. I hid his body at the back of my car and intend to dispose of him somewhere.

I drove in the middle of the night trying not to look suspicious then stopped at a local cemetery. I opened the trunk only to find it empty save for a few other junk. I returned to the front seat.

"It was just a dream" I said. "It didn't really happen."

The smell of rotten flesh was present in the car. I adjusted the mirror in front of me as I was about to leave. For a split second, I saw my friend sitting at the back. His bloody face menacingly glared at me. I quickly looked back. He wasn't there.

"I'm seeing things."

I got home and locked the door. I tried to sleep but the thought of what happened bothered me. I tossed and turned. This isn't real. It never happened. There was no body. There was no evidence.

I heard a loud screeching noise. I turned on the lamp beside me. There was something in my room but I can't see it. The noise got louder followed by shaking. It was coming from under my bed.

The screech was followed by a human voice in agony. I saw something crawl out of my bed. It was the corpse but now it looked more rotten. I was paralyzed in fear as it reached for the door. I hoped for it to get out but it didn't. It kept on climbing until it was now crawling on the ceiling and right above me.

It twisted his head and looked at me with an eerie smile.

I screamed as it suddenly fell unto me pinning me down.

"WAKE UP!!!" it yelled.

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