Monday, November 11, 2013


On a day of boredom, I took some time to admire a particular Ferris wheel. It must be really fun to ride. Finally, I've convinced my father to let me try it out. As I was about to step in the gondola, I’ve noticed that dad was not accompanying me.

                “Dad!” I called. “Aren’t you gonna ride?”
                “No thanks,” he replied. “Heights scare me.”
                “But…” I didn’t finish. The line behind me already pressured me to go in already.

                Inside, I could hear my heart pounding. I shared the gondola with a woman and her daughter who seem excited. I, however, displayed terror.

                “Are you okay, kid?” the mother asked me. I nodded nervously.

                The Ferris wheel began turning. I looked outside seeing the ground becoming more distant. My company happily enjoyed the thrill while I tried to stay perfectly still. I could imagine myself being flung far away. This isn’t even a roller coaster ride!

                After a few turns, the wheel stopped to let passengers out one compartment at a time. My compartment was at the very top. The mother and daughter took time to admire the scenery.

                “I could see my house from here!” the daughter exclaimed.
                “I could see my grave right over there,” I told myself.

                As the wheel slowly turned letting more people out, I’ve realized that I won’t die from being thrown away. I will die falling down.

                Finally, it was my turn to get out. Oh, sweet ground. Never will I depart away from you ever again. Dad just stood there waiting for me.

                “I should’ve told you to never look down,” he said.

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