Monday, February 10, 2014

Radio Story

I was unable to go home that night. Piles of paperwork are due tomorrow forcing me to stay late at the office.

I switched on the radio to add some noise in the silent background.

"A powerful storm has struck the city" it said. "Citizens are advised to stay indoors."

Great. I'll spend the night here. Just what I wanted.

Music played from the radio as lightning flashed followed by loud thunder. At long last, I was done.

That's when the power went out. Perfect.

I took out a rechargeable lantern which flooded the place with a bright light. To keep myself amused, I took some batteries to keep the radio alive. I busily turned the knob switching to a station. A curious message caught me for a split second.

"... a serial killer... on the loose..."

Huh? That news caught my attention. Finally, I got the station.

"... was last seen at ..."

No. This can't be happening. The serial killer was last seen outside the building I work at. This building. In haste, I sealed all doors leading to my location.

I sat down on my chair by the lantern listening to the radio.

"The serial killer was known to chop his victims into several pieces. Most of them are corporate women."

That did not put me at ease at all.

"Be warned: he is capable of breaking through locked entrances. Police speculate that he brings special tools with him when he finds a target."

I looked back at how this day went... I was on a daily routine... wait, lunch. I ate lunch outside this time around. That was where I met an odd fellow.

"Survivors reported meeting a handsome man prior to their assault. At first, he would pretend to engage in a conversation and eventually collect their phone numbers."

My cellphone rang. It was an unknown number. Nervously, I answered it.


I heard breathing.

"Who is this?"

Breathing turned to a maniacal laugh.

"Please, leave me alone!" I cried.

"I'll be there soon, sweetie" he replied.

His laughter echoed in the room. I hung up on the call and listened to the radio.

"Often, the killer would call his victims after locating them."

I heard something crash outside and fell on the floor with a rattle. I trembled on my place.

"The killer does not hold back. He will rampage through locked doors if necessary."

I called the police as the radio played. Just then, the entrance to this room was busted open.  The serial killer was right there. Lightning flashed briefly showing his creepy smile and his eyes there were fixed at me.

"Forensic experts determined that his weapon of choice was an axe which he later uses to..."

He swung his weapon wildly knocking over several items in the office as he walked nearer to me. I screamed as he raised that axe above me. I closed my eyes. I could hear him laughing.

I peeked and noticed something off.

I saw my own dead body on the floor drenched in blood. He began to hack it to pieces. I heard a gunshot and everything turned blurry. The radio still played in the background

"The police eventually caught him in the act. However, it was too late for his last victim. They say that her ghost still haunts that building still reliving her last day. And that is all for today on Past Crimes! Tune in again tomorrow night for another story!"

The next day, I went on with my daily routine. I've decided to take lunch outside. As I ate, I notice a handsome odd fellow gazing at me. I smiled back.

He stood up and sat at the table I was at. "Hey, sweetie."

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