Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Driving home from work was dreadful. The traffic only added up the stress I got from the entire day. Horns honk loudly in the busy street. The slow parade only fuelled my anger.

I was denied my promotion. Some new guy got the position instead. It felt like an insult to all the hard work I gave to the company for several years. Boss says he was more qualified on the ground that he made everything better. Jerk! All that noob did was brag about my contributions like they were his own. And that idiot for a boss thinks I was just being jealous. God!

It felt like the traffic flow only moved a few inches. I noticed that the part of the city I was heading to was dark. A blackout? Progress was slow and I could tell how much I moved judging by how much darkness surrounded me. There was light from the other vehicles though.

I felt something move coming from the back of my car. I didn’t pay attention at first. Besides, the mirror couldn’t show me much except for the empty backseat. Cars honked louder. The frustration made me growl. I lay my head on the steering wheel. Then, I heard something echo my growl. I looked back. There was smoke coming from the back. Great. Did my car overheat or something? Not a big deal. This machine still works.

Traffic moved slightly. I looked at the mirror. The smoke was turning thicker. I could even see it taking shape. I must be seeing things. Must be a trick with the light maybe. Yeah, that must be it. I continued to drive. Other cars suddenly turned off their lights making the place darker. What is going on?

There was a loud honk that last almost a minute. I covered my ears waiting for it to stop. It did. I looked around. The cars around me seem okay. Was there an accident?

I drove forward. The lighted portion of the city seemed so far now as I looked at the mirror. But that’s not all I saw. There was someone sitting at the back. Light from my side faded. I heard dry laughter coming from that person. I turned around and saw it. It was shaped like a human but awfully deformed. Suddenly, it attacked me. I panicked.

I struggled to break free from its clutches. Light returned to my spot. I wish it didn’t. I could see its face. It looked human but with its bones and muscle exposed. The smell of its rotten flesh was prevalent. I screamed more and after breaking free, I got out of my car and relocked the door with that thing in it.

I ran towards the car beside me looking for help. I looked closely at the window. The driver is dead. His body was heavily mutilated with blood and deep cuts everywhere. Something popped out behind the window. It looked just like the driver. My heart pounded. This can’t be happening.

I turned around. My car door was open. A figure emerged out of it. It looked just like me. Fear halted my retreat. My copy lurched towards me. I saw the other vehicles open with more of them crawling out.

The clone was now walking towards me. It got nearer and nearer until it was about a foot away. I heard it speak to me “I’ll get your promotion.”

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