Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dogs Can See

My dog has been acting weird lately. Emily is no longer the brave canine she used to be. Now that we're staying in our new home, she has been rather anxious over everything.

One day, I saw her stare outside the window whimpering.

"Emily, what's wrong?" I asked. She raised her right paw and pointed at the old tree in the backyard. I went out of the house to investigate. Emily followed.

I looked at the dead thing. It had no leaves and its twisted form made it creepier. I walked around the trunk trying to spot anything peculiar.

Suddenly, my entire body sank into the ground. After my painful landing, I found myself in a hidden basement filled with dusty medical tools and jars filled with human body parts. My heart pounded even more when I heard laughter echoing in the darkness. "Help!" I shouted.

Emily poked her head through the hole above and barked. "Emily!" I called.

The laughter grew louder. But it was coming from Emily's mouth. She gave me an unnatural smile.

"Tricked you!" she spoke.

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