Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why I Stopped Using Screamers

On a day of boredom, a friend sent me a particular link while I was busily reading my usual 50 tabs of Internet. I opened the link in a new tab while I went on to read about random stuff.

I heard screaming in the background. Must be the link he sent. When I clicked the tab, I was shocked to see the horrifying visage of the ghost from the maze game and from the rocking chair video.

I closed the tab. What the heck was that? o_o

That thing did scare me... but, perhaps... I could use this power... for EVIL!!!

So, I set off to send the link to my friends spreading the joy I felt when I first opened it. Mwehehehe...

"Hey, bud. Wanna see something awesome?"

"Sure!" *clicks*


"God, I hate you! <_<"

His fear fed me. I must hunt for more! The more victims, the merrier!

In a single day, I have turned people who never utter a single curse into foul mouths. The insults I receive began to sound like compliments.

At least one person thanked me for scaring her mom away who was watching her using the computer.


This wasn't the first screamer I've encountered now that I think about it. A friend fooled me to check a video from his phone. It looked like an innocent car commercial until that zombie popped out.

Everyone must be aware of screamers by now. I can't even fool some people anymore.

However, I still accidentally stumble upon some of these links. I saw an FB comment showing only the link. It was Halloween, and everyone was trying to scare each other. Despite that knowledge, I clicked it anyway. I lose.

The face of Jeff the Killer haunts me. Another time, I was reading the comments of a particular meme. The first comment was a link redirecting me to an even funnier meme. I laughed and looked back at the comments. The second guy added a link claiming that there was an even more awesome post.

And there was Jeff the Killer in all his glory. Oh, c'mon! O_O

A friend sent me a private message stating that people have been sharing a screamer link. Funny thing is, he clearly said that it was a screamer and I still clicked it.

I must be an idiot for falling into Jeff the Killer's trap thrice. *facepalm*

The golden rule made me vow to never share screamers ever again.

I swear, if creepypasta sites start inserting screamers between stories, I'm never reading them ever again.


Just wanna add, there was this Korean comic that scared the stuffing out of me. Glad that it was shared to me in the morning.

With a laggy computer, I thought that there was something terribly wrong with the scrolldown as I read the comic. But, as I force it, the ghost in the story started to animate and face right at me.

Dear god. O_O

I continued reading. It was actually a simple story. But, the friggin' surprise animation got me.

Especially the ending...

Know this if it's your first time in the Internet... scrolling down is not safe... strange links are to be assumed dangerous...

And most importantly... it is your friends who are out to get you.

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