Monday, February 24, 2014

Leviathan (pt. 2/2)

Continued from Leviathan (pt. 1/2)...

The only source of light inside came from the entrance of the cavern which was stationed with guards. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been here. My in-mates declared me an oddball for not enjoying their means of entertainment ranging from shadow puppets to overused jokes.

I’ve been planning my escape searching for possible exits around the cavern. I could not recruit any other prisoner to my cause. They have accepted their life as is.

I found pieces of flint which I used to create small flames. The smoke should lead to other exits. I  am surprised by how much the sea monster has consumed. It must’ve wiped out entire islands or fed on so much matter from the depths to create all these inside it.

One day, I found my way out in the deeper and darker parts of the cavern. Night came and I fled.


The smell of the sea was now closer to the center of the island far off from the shore. The skies were noticeably darker now which worsened in the succeeding days.

I spied the village that once accepted me. I’ve learned that the fish that used to wash up as their food source had declined. The sea monster was dying or already dead. I can’t hide in the forest any longer.

Finally, I showed up before the chief and the priests.

“I gave my warning yet you condemned me as a heretic!”

The priests rose in offense ordering the guards to seize me.

“Even now in darker times, you refuse to listen! Look at your sacred texts! They speak of the same end!”

The guards grabbed me. But, the chief stood up and ordered them away.

“What should we do?” he said.

“We must prepare” I replied. “While we still have time.”


Assembly of several ships began. Houses and other structures were deconstructed to create the fleet. Even the temple was torn down. The sacred artifacts, however, were kept safe on-board.

I told them what was expected to happen next. The sea should rise as water floods in to the creature’s carcass. The tide did slowly rise growing each day. The stench has grown more powerful. The creature was decaying.

Strange creatures began appearing in the waters. Well, strange to these people at least. I recognized some of these sea animals. They were predators, or maybe scavengers, who probably feasted on the dead creature making their way through its flesh.

The fleet was ready and set sail as the waters claim what was once Monad Island. I lead the direction to our exit.

The bodies of water grew smaller as we went on. Light was getting brighter as the interior walls become more visible and closer. We landed on what looked like land. It reminded me of the cavern I was imprisoned in.

Me and a few other hopped out of our ships to inspect the land. Then it occurred to me, this was the creature’s tongue that we’re stepping on.

I lead the people out of the mouth and we found ourselves in a strange world. The creature was dead and washed up on a beach. Its size made me shiver despite knowing its demise.

The people are safe now, but I pray that they may adjust to a world that they could not imagine.

As I return home, I could not help but wonder if this reality is just the same as inside the creature. These people, for their entire life, did know that they’ve been living inside the confines of a dying entity.

Do we know better?

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