Wednesday, April 16, 2014


"Good afternoon, Mr. Lim" a young nurse cheerfully spoke as she entered the room.

My eyes wandered around in shock. How did I get into a hospital?

"You're currently paralyzed after a serious accident. However, your vision and hearing should be okay."

I could not move save for my eyes. My face doesn't seem to respond as I try to express myself. Voice wouldn't escape my mouth as I struggle to talk. At my right was a window opposite to the door showing a bright sunny day.

"You'll be fine soon, sir" she spoke. "I'll leave you alone now."

The nurse left. I tried to recall the accident that lead me here. Not a shred of memory returned. I'm stuck not only in the confines of this room but in my own empty mind. There were no memories to give me entertaining thoughts save for a few basic knowledge.

I waited. From the foot of my bed, I stared at a wall clock which ticked away the boring hours that passed by. The light from the window shone on until I saw a shadow block it. I looked at the right and saw a face peering through the window. It was a child. He turned to face right at me as his hands pressed on the glass.

I looked away trying to ignore him. But each time I glance, I could still see him staring at me. He almost looked expressionless. But the way he stared at me accusingly was unnerving.

"Hello, once again, Mr. Lim" the nurse returned. My eyes briefly looked at her on the left side of the room. When I checked the window, the boy was gone.

"I just need to take a few notes" the nurse said as she inspected me and whatever contraptions were attached to me.

She stepped away from my bed and went closer to the window. She looked down. I heard her mention about seeing a nice view from this floor. I was puzzled. How did that kid get up here? If only I could speak...

"It's almost evening" she commented. "I'll be right back."

Shortly after she left, I heard knocking. It didn't sound like the door. My eyes turned attention to the window. I saw a hand, that of a child, knocking. The arm was extended away from view.

"I'm back" I heard the nurse enter the room. My eyes were fixed on the window. The hand retreated away.

"Oh, you want the window open, sir?"

I panicked. I tried moving my eyes around to express my concern.

"I'll take that as a 'yes' then" the nurse said.

No. No. No. This isn't good. The window is now wide open.

"There you go. Some fresh air."

"Nurse!" I heard a voice outside, that of an adult male.

"Yes, doc. I'll be there quick. Mr. Lim, I'll check on you later."

And now I stare at the widow as light slowly fades. Evening arrived.


I anxiously stared at the window. I felt like my life is in danger. As these thoughts rush through me, I begin to wonder if I even had a family to live for. No one has visited me so far to check on me.

I saw something move outside. As it went closer to the window, the light from my room made the figure clearer. It was the boy. And he just stared at me. He climbed through the window and stood at the corner.

His clothes were tattered. Several wounds were present along with some smear of blood around him. He opened his mouth as if to say something. I heard his voice but no discernible words. He only groaned.

He limped as he walked towards me. I would've screamed. But I can't. Blood dripped from his mouth as he got closer to me. Finally, he stood beside my bed and continued to look  at me. My eyes wouldn't look away. I saw him take something out of his pocket. It was a needle. He raised it up slightly and began poking my right leg with it.

I could not feel pain. Nevertheless I was scared. His gaze was still fixed on me as he continued. He raised the needle again and got closer to my face.

"Blood..." he said. He raised the needle above my eyes which I promptly closed.

"Nurse!" I screamed. To my surprise, I was finally able to talk. The kid backed off.

"NURSE!!!" I repeated.

The nursed rushed in "Mr. Lim! Are you alright?"

"There's a kid in the room and --"


The kid was gone.

"Are you alright, Mr. Lim? At least you can talk now."

"Listen" I said. "There's a kid in here."

"Relax, Mr. Lim" the nurse said as she closed the window. "You're safe here."

As she was about to leave, I spoke "Don't turn off the lights!"



As the nurse was about to leave, she turned around and gave me a grim smile. "They prefer seeing you with the lights on anyway."

"W-what?" I stuttered.

"That child is under your bed right now. Goodnight, Mr. Lim."

She locked the door as she made her exit.

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